Latest Free Netflix Gift Cards

Do you want to enjoy unlimited entertainment on Netflix without paying for a subscription? It is possible to some extent with the free Netflix gift cards.

If you know everything about Netflix Gift Cards, then you can directly scroll to the table where I am sharing the Free Netlfix gift card details.

On further scrolling, you will also learn about the ways to get them for free. But if you don’t have much idea about Netflix Gift Cards, then read the next paragraph.

Let me explain what exactly a Netflix gift card is. It’s a prepaid card with a code that you redeem on the Netflix website or app. The card’s value gets added to your Netflix account balance.


You can then use this balance to pay for any Netflix subscription plan. You can also use this card for gifting purposes to your friends who love binge-watching.

Free Netflix Gift Card Codes

Free Netflix Gift Cards
Netflix Gift Card Codes
Disclaimer: The products listed here are not from Netflix, and Netflix does not approve or endorse them. This information is just to inform you and not to sell Netflix products and services. We do not have any connection with or approval from Netflix. Please check the authenticity of the products before buying. We have purchased these gift codes from legal sources and are giving them away to our users (giveaway).

Netflix gift cards usually have a code hidden under a scratch-off area on the back of the card.

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Benefits and Uses of Free Netflix Gift Codes

  1. Subscription Payment: Use them to pay your Netflix subscription fee. Works for any plan.
  2. No Expiry: Never expire, use anytime.
  3. Easy to Use: Just redeem the code, and the value gets added.
  4. Great for Gifting: As I said, these are excellent gifts for streaming lovers.
  5. Safe and Secure: Protects your payment info.
  6. Access All Content: Unlock Netflix’s full library.

How to Get Free Netflix Gift Cards

How to Get Free Netflix Gift Cards

You can get free Netflix gift cards through several good working methods. Here are some effective ways to obtain them:

  1. Participate in Online Surveys: You can visit websites and download apps that provide options to get free Netflix gift cards in exchange for completing surveys.
  2. Use Reward Apps: You might have heard about apps like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Mistplay. You can earn points by completing the tasks they provide. You can redeem these points to redeem for the Netflix cards.
  3. Join Discord Servers: You can join many entertainment Discord servers and chat in the community to trade at lower prices or even at a free cost.
  4. Visit Websites: You must visit sites like You will get free Netflix Gift Card numbers directly on my website. I either buy the Netflix gift cards using my own money or collect from multiple sources and then share them on my website.
  5. Retail Stores: You can find Netflix gift cards in the gift card section of major retail stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and CVS.
  6. Online Retailers: You have the option to buy Netflix gift cards from online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and the official Netflix website. You can choose between physical cards or digital codes.
  7. Grocery Stores: You can look for Netflix gift cards in the gift card sections of many grocery stores like Kroger, Safeway, and Tesco.
  8. Pharmacy Chains: You can also find Netflix gift cards in the gift card displays of pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS.
  9. Electronic Stores: You can check the gift card sections of electronic stores like Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics for Netflix gift cards.
  10. Gaming Stores: You might find Netflix gift cards alongside other gaming and entertainment cards at gaming stores like GameStop.
  11. Bank Reward Programs: You can redeem your collected points or rewards to get Netflix gift cards from your bank’s rewards portal if they offer them.
  12. Credit Card Reward Points: You can use your credit card reward points to get Netflix gift cards. Many credit card companies have online portals where you can redeem points for various gift cards, including Netflix.
  13. Social Media Giveaways: You can follow Netflix and popular influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can participate in their giveaways to win free Netflix gift cards.
  14. Corporate Rewards: You can check with your employer to see if they offer Netflix gift cards as part of their employee rewards and recognition programs.

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Other Apps to Get Free Netflix Gift Codes

In addition to the methods mentioned earlier, there are several other apps and indirect ways to legally obtain free Netflix gift cards. Here are some more options:

  1. Fetch Rewards
  2. MyPoints:
  3. Shopkick
  4. FeaturePoints
  5. Toluna
  6. PrizeRebel

How to Redeem Netflix Gift Cards

How to Redeem Netflix Gift Cards

Here is the simple process to redeem your Netflix gift card. Here’s how on different platforms:

On Netflix Website

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Enter the code or PIN that you copied from our website.
  4. Click Redeem to add value

On Netflix App

  1. Open the Netflix app
  2. Go to Account > Redeem Code
  3. Enter your gift card code
  4. Tap Redeem to add value

Advantages and Disadvantages of Netflix Gift Cards

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using Netflix gift cards:


  • Simple/Ease: You can redeem and use these cards easily.
  • Great Gift Option: Perfect for gifting to friends and family members who love streaming.
  • No Expiry: The cards never expire, so use them whenever you want.
  • Safe Payment: A secure way to pay without sharing payment details.


  • Limited Usage: You can only use these cards on Netflix.
  • No Cash Value: Can’t exchange them for cash.
  • Balance Limit: You are limited to the amount that is loaded on the card.

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Best Ways to Use Gift Cards

To get the most out of your Netflix gift cards, follow these tips:

  1. Try to redeem your gift cards during Netflix’s special offers or sales to get more value.
  2. If you have multiple cards, plan when to redeem each to extend your subscription longer.

Checking Card Balance

Want to know how much balance is left on your Netflix gift card? Here’s how:

  1. Visit and log in
  2. Click your profile icon > Account
  3. Your gift card balance shows under Membership & Billing

Success Stories

Many people have successfully got free Netflix gift cards through legitimate methods. Here are some inspiring stories:

  1. Rahul from Delhi: Earned enough points from surveys to redeem a free card. Enjoyed shows without a subscription.
  2. Priya from Bangalore: I won a giveaway on a Netflix Discord server I joined. Extended subscription for free.
  3. Arjun from Mumbai: I tried to stay updated with and accumulated multiple free gift cards over time.

You can also share your success stories in the comment box or by sending us an email at our Gmail:

Beware of Scams

  • Stay away from fake websites that are designed to steal your personal info, and your bank details, or ask you to pay
  • Also never open phishing emails pretending to be from Netflix never takes your personal information and bank details. I just buy gift cards from sources and share them with you on my website. So you can trust our website 100%.

The Final Word

Just like other posts, I have shared everything about free Netflix gift cards. I have told you the ways to get free Netflix gift cards, how to use them safely and success stories.

In fact, I bought the gift cards and shared them with you. I also keep updating the table with new information.

Now your job is to stay active on my website and bookmark it. So that whenever you want, you can quickly visit my website and get gift card information. You can also share your experience and any additional tips to get free Netflix gift cards in the comments below.

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