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In this blog, we have covered many topics on redeem codes offered by different games and platforms. This time, we are going to help you with Xbox redeem codes. If you have a Microsoft account, you may have wanted to get a free Xbox gift card.

Remember one thing, we collect these redeem codes or gift cards from various sources which we have talked about later in the blog. We also used our money to buy some gift cards.

Free Xbox redeem code

You also know that these codes can be used only once per user or account. It cannot be used multiple times on multiple accounts. So, here we are going to give you free Xbox redeem codes.

Free Xbox Redeem Codes Table

Free Xbox Gift Cards RedeemXbox Pass CodesFree Xbox Redeem Codes

Free Xbox Redeem Codes List

  2. C8P9O-6W1OG-GJ7J1-XT6Y4-1GVN9
  3. 3DOU8-PFT2Z-75ITH-A7QLQ-9NB32
  5. 222LJ-SON9N-FDX1L-K7TMY-T73RK
  6. INU7P-ADPJS-D157Q-04ERH-N8JM7
  7. C5MEP-E8L5N-62G5N-6AFI1-2EG02
  12. ELVT5-584EM-1GH4Y-PU6SN-SWG1C
  13. DTUE5-5GBO3-J00XR-2IB1C-32I0L
  14. O6AAP-P10YK-D74IQ-2NH0W-E7BPR
  15. 24BTY-P30CQ-CPDEW-7J0LB-ZW7G8

Free Xbox Gift Card Codes

Free Xbox Gift CardsRedeem codes on Xbox

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What are Xbox Redeem Codes

Xbox redeem points are special codes that you use on your Xbox or Microsoft account to get different things for your games or subscriptions. These codes give us a better way to get more benefits from our Xbox without paying the exact amount. The amount added to the Xbox account via the Xbox redeem code is used to pay for the item we purchase.

Now, there are a few types of Xbox codes, so don’t get confused :

  1. Xbox Live Codes: These codes are for Xbox Live Gold memberships. With Xbox Live Gold, you can play games online with friends, get free games every month, and enjoy discounts in the Xbox store.
  2. Game Codes: These are specific to games. You can use them to download new games directly to your Xbox, or sometimes they give you special in-game items or bonuses.
  3. Subscription Codes: These codes are for subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass gives you access to a big library of games you can play as much as you like.

Uses of Xbox Redeem Points

Xbox redeem codes are super useful for making our gaming life on Xbox even better. Let’s see how:

1. Free Games: These codes can unlock games without paying a huge amount. It means we can enjoy both big-name titles and cool indie games without spending extra money.

2. Xbox Live Gold: With these codes, we can get an Xbox Live Gold membership. This is awesome because it lets us play games online with friends. In addition, we also get free games every month and special discounts on the Xbox store.

3. Xbox Game Pass: Some codes give us access to Xbox Game Pass. In this, we can play a large number of games on our Xbox and PC. Also, many new games are added to the games list.

4. In-game Items: These codes will also give us special items in our games.

Where to find the redeem codes?

There are both direct and indirect methods to find the Xbox redeem codes. We have mentioned both on our website.

  1. You can stay active on the Official Microsoft Promotions and Events where you can get free codes.
  2. Game developers and Xbox influencers on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook sometimes give away free codes. You can stay in touch with their social media accounts.
  3. There are many gaming communities out there where members share codes. You can also join Xbox forums, Telegram groups, or Discord servers.

How to Redeem Codes on Xbox

How to Redeem Codes on Xbox

Here are the steps to redeem the Xbox redeem codes on both your console and the Microsoft website:

On your Xbox console (Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One):

  1. Press the Xbox button  on your controller to open the guide.
  2. Select Store.
  3. Press the View button  to open the side menu.
  4. Select Redeem.
  5. Enter the 25-character codewithout hyphens (The system will automatically remove them)
  6. Select Next and follow any further prompts to complete the redemption.

On the Microsoft website:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Redeem Page at
  2. Sign in with the Microsoft account you use on your Xbox.
  3. Enter the 25-character code in the space provided.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the code to your account.

Note: Check the Source: Legitimate codes usually come from official sources like Xbox itself, game developers, or well-known retailers. If a giveaway is from a random, unverified source, be cautious.


Friends, our Xbox code journey ends here, but the gaming masti continues. But your work does not end here, instead of trying all the methods given by us to get free redeem codes, you just visit our website regularly and get Xbox redeem codes without putting much effort.

Our team is there to do all the back-end work like being active on multiple platforms, purchasing redeem codes and then sharing the codes with you.

You simply visit our website, copy the code and redeem them in a hassle-free manner. And yes please try to stay away from any kind of scam or fraud at any cost.

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