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The King Legacy on Roblox is a game that is inspired by the popular anime “One Piece.” In this game, you can sail the seas, battle enemies, and hunt for treasures in the game.

Now coming to the King Legacy codes, the King legacy codes are given by the Game developers. When you use them, you can get gems, beli (the in-game currency), stat resets, and other great rewards.

Why the “King Legacy” Codes are So Valuable? The codes are quite important because they help you to progress in the game in a much faster manner. They give you items like experience boosts, currency, and resets.

King Legacy Codes

King Legacy Codes
UPDATE610 copper keys
DOUGHAWAKENING20 minutes of double EXP
shutdownhotfix2 gold keys
ExperienceDoubling30 minutes of double EXP
YT10K30 minutes of double EXP
Peodiz10k10 gems
Sub2Leepungg30 mins of double EXP and 10 gems
2MFAVStat reset
Peodiz100,000 Beli
DinoxLive100,000 Beli
10KYZX-4LPQ8-WFJStat reset
UPDATE55 copper keys

Some More Codes

Update4.720 gems
Halloween202310 gems
Y10K30 minutes of double EXP
Peodiz10k10 gems
10KYZX-4LPQ8-WFJStat reset
shutdownhotfix2 gold keys
ExperienceDoubling30 minutes of double EXP
UPDATE55 copper keys
OWERMETEOR—RedeemStat reset (New)
WELCOMETOKINGLEGACY—Redeem30 minutes of double EXP (New)
FREESTATSRESET—RedeemStat reset (New)
UPDATE6—Redeem10 copper keys (New)
DOUGHAWAKENING—Redeem20 minutes of double EXP (New)
ExperienceDoubling—Redeem30 minutes of double EXP
YT10K—Redeem30 minutes of double EXP
shutdownhotfix—Redeem2 gold keys
Peodiz10k—Redeem10 gems
Sub2Leepungg—Redeem30 mins of double EXP and 10 gems
2MFAV—RedeemStat reset
Update4.7—Redeem20 gems
Peodiz—Redeem100,000 Beli
DinoxLive—Redeem100,000 Beli
UPDATE6—Redeem10 copper keys
DOUGHAWAKENING—Redeem20 minutes of double EXP
Peodiz10k—Redeem10 gems
Sub2Leepungg—Redeem30 mins of double EXP and 10 gems
ExperienceDoubling—Redeem30 minutes of double EXP

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Uses Of King Legacy Codes of Roblox

The “King Legacy” codes can unlock these great features:

  • Currency (Beli and Gems): The codes can provide you with Beli and gems, which you can use to buy upgrades, new skills, and ships.
  • Stat Resets: Some codes offer stat resets, which let you redistribute your character’s abilities. This helps you to customize your growth to fit your personal playstyle.
  • Experience Boosts: Some codes give you temporary experience boosts, so you can level up your character much faster and become stronger quicker.

Here are some of the top benefits of using those “King Legacy” codes:

  1. Faster Progress: The codes can help you progress in the game faster.
  2. More Customization: With the resources from the codes, you can customize your character and ships as per your preferences.
  3. Save Money: The free stuff you get from the codes means you don’t have to spend real cash to get the things you need in the game.
  4. Experiment with Builds: The stat resets let you try out different gameplay styles without having to commit to one build.

How to get King Legacy Codes

You can find the newest “King Legacy” codes from many active platforms. I have talked about these sources many times on my website.

1. Official Social Media Channels: Follow the “King Legacy” game developers on Twitter and other social media.

2. Discord Servers: You can join the official “King Legacy” Discord server. There’s usually a special channel where the developers share the codes.

3. Trello: Check the “King Legacy” Trello board if there is one. The developers might share the codes, updates and other game details there.

4. Roblox Game Updates: Also keep checking the “King Legacy” page on the Roblox site. The developers might share new codes when they update the game.

6. Our Own Website: You can visit our website which collects codes from different sources and keeps the list fresh.

How to King Legacy Redeem Codes?

How to King Legacy Redeem Codes?
  • First, open Roblox and then search for King Legacy
  • Click on the Kind Legacy and start to play
  • Click on the many options and then click on the $ option
  • Scroll down till you find the Redeem Code field
  • Paste the redeem code and redeem it

Additional Tips

  • Always use the Active Codes
  • Use Your Code Rewards Wisely
  • Stay updated on Codes and Game News
  • Participate in discussions by sharing your strategies and any new codes you find.
  • Join in on special events and challenges hosted within the game.
  • Try to make teams and friends within the gaming community.


  • Using the codes regularly, you can enjoy better gameplay. You can access powerful upgrades and customization options.
  • The codes provide free items and boosts and you save both time and resources.
  • The codes help new players to match the level of more experienced players.

I want you to visit our website frequently and save your time and effort by not visiting random websites to find the correct codes. Also, if you find any new codes or have tips, please share them in the comments.

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