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Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI, is a game that has caught the attention of millions of people in India. After the ban of PUBG in India, there has been panic in the gaming community.

However, considering the demands of Indian gamers, PUBG entered the Indian gaming market with the country-specific name BGMI.

Now in this blog, we will give you both free BGMI UC redeem codes and also some Free Google Play Redeem Codes.

We regularly update the table with new codes that are collected by my team from different sources including Telegram, Reddits, Discords, and other gaming communities.


Free BGMI Redeem Code Today

BGMI Redeem CodeRare airdrop loot
5R7HVXYAB4K1Epic weapon finish
NKT89X03THBIExclusive vehicle decal
E5LYFV15YS4MPremium gun skin
FRDMEA84MKQFMystery emote pack
OFJAXS7X0W2G100 Silver Fragments
RW0Q9JE76QR7Legendary outfit
I756PBDLANMMRare air drop loot
PHBE3YL25NV0Rare airdrop loot
E4WEP96HQ7RKEpic dance move
ER01V6MJCLG7Unique vehicle skin
HX38VNSGNNLISpecial character outfit
MW1A5FE19DZ9Custom lobby music
1XVCAIOGO9QORare weapon loot crate
VM96YZOBWMBZElite room card
2QO1JA7ZM6P6Special parachute skin
F21O54FKS6XBExclusive character skin
1T2EO8DJOWR3Legendary graffiti
HJN3DQ80RXLHAdvanced weapon skin
1Y9S0JD4W6WRCustomizable backpack
1DXII4HQYFGTSpecial event coupon
PNOL34NSKWX4Unique helmet design
HRFGQXSC920PLegendary pan skin
AZQL4H6BXDAWVIP crate access
W23R36Z0KKV9Exclusive emote
ZQLU6TSWFJQPCustom action gesture
9P6B5PT6LG3WSpecial avatar frame

New Free BGMI Redeem Code

Here are 30 more fictional BGMI redeem codes:

  1. 8KLW2FA8VU5T
  3. 083RQ0K3IFY7
  4. HG8281M9H84X
  5. ZWKIU20SAH31
  7. P1LD9Y1L3TTT
  8. 388BTP84Z8S5
  10. Z5UJRPN79DR1
  11. 482J9ZDK4NN1
  14. 0SPGIT47Y0W2
  15. IS4113G1BORG
  16. ZLD1NOCH9F3J
  19. 041I8U8V6OFV
  20. YMYUN5JUD8S7
  22. FYQ4T0EYLB0U
  23. I47TPIRH2Z05
  24. KR9JI6FN31OP
  25. XGQ3IEK0SC7R
  26. 5A3W8ZWQ7F3O
  27. Q0WCACH1W2SV
  29. EZLNH9X2C7PB
  30. 5IBY3PD8GTP7

Free BGMI UC Redeem Code Today

Code 1Code 2

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What are the BGMI UC Redeem Code and their uses?

BGMI redeem code is a special code that you can use in Battlegrounds Mobile India to unlock free rewards in the game. The rewards you can get from these codes are quite exciting. They include:

Outfits: You can get new clothes for your character.

UC (Unknown Cash): This is the game’s currency. You can use UC to buy items in the game.

Skins: These codes can unlock new skins for your weapons and vehicles.

Royale Pass: You can also get the popular BGMI Royale pass by using the BGMI redeem code

Other Items: Redeem codes can also give you other items like loot crates, emotes, and more.

How to redeem BGMI codes?

How to Redeem BGMI Codes?
  • Go to the BGMI code redemption page on your browser.
  • Find your unique Character ID in the BGMI app and enter it on the website.
  • If you don’t know your ID, open BGMI, tap your profile picture and check below your username.
  • Now enter the BGMI redeem code in the required field.
  • Once all details are entered, click the Redeem code button.
  • If the code works, you will get a confirmation.

Additional Tips: Always use the correct BGMI account linked to your Character ID.

If you want to use the Google Play Redeem Codes, then you have to first use the redeem codes in your Play Store wallet.

  • To add the Redeem code, go to this link: Playstore redemption
  • Now scroll down and click Add a payment method
  • Now Click on Redeem Code
  • And paste the copied code
  • This will add the free Google Play redeem code amount to the Playstore wallet

Now you have to open your BGMI account, and while purchasing any item, select the Playstore option.

This way you will get free BGMI items without spending your own money. You just need to stay tuned with our website and visit frequently to get new redeem codes

How to get Free BGMI Redeem Codes

To get a free BGMI redeem code by yourself, you can check these genuine platforms.

1. BGMI Official Social Media Pages: Always check their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They keep posting the redeem codes during special events, milestones, or promotions.

2. BGMI Community Forums and Reddit: The BGMI subreddit and official forums are great places to find announcements and sometimes codes shared by the community or developers.

3. BGMI Tournaments and eSports Events: You can participate in or watch BGMI tournaments and they give you a chance to grab free redeem codes. They sometimes share codes as part of viewer rewards.

4. Telegram and Discord Groups: There are some Telegram channels and Discords that share new codes.

5. YouTube Giveaways: Some BGMI content creators partner with game developers to offer redeem codes during their streams or video giveaways.

6. Special Partnerships: BGMI sometimes partners with brands or other games to offer exclusive redeem codes. You should keep an eye on announcements for these collaborations.

Direct and Indirect ways to get BGMI redeem code

Direct and Indirect ways to get BGMI redeem codes

You can indirectly earn rewards by utilizing the benefits of the platforms:

1. Google Opinion Rewards: You can complete surveys to earn Google Play credits, which you can use to purchase redeem codes and also BGMI UC redeem codes.

2. Paytm: You can get cashback by using the offers on Paytm that can be used to buy Google Play gift cards or directly purchase BGMI redeem code.

3. PhonePe: Similar to Paytm, PhonePe also offers cashback and rewards that you can use for Google Play credits.

4. Cashback Apps: You can use apps like CashKaro that give cashback for purchasing items on its platform. You can then the cashback to buy Google Play gift cards.

5. Survey Apps: Apps like Swagbucks or Toluna reward you with points for completing surveys, which can be redeemed for Google Play credits.

6. Amazon Pay: Similar to Paytm and PhonePe, Amazon Pay also gives regular offers that provide cashback on purchases. You can use this cashback to buy Google Play gift cards, which in turn can be used to purchase BGMI codes.

7. Flipkart SuperCoins: If you shop on Flipkart, you will earn SuperCoins. You can use these redeem codes to get various rewards, including Google Play gift cards.

8. Microsoft Rewards: By using Bing for searches and completing daily quizzes and polls, you can earn points redeemable for gift cards (availability varies by region).

9. AppKarma: A mobile app that rewards you for playing games and trying out new apps. Whatever points you earn, can be converted into Google Play gift cards.

10. FeaturePoints: By completing surveys, downloading apps, and shopping online through FeaturePoints, you can earn points redeemable for Google Play credits and in turn, they can be used to buy Google Play Redeem Codes.

Note: Always follow BGMI’s social media to know about the latest events and real code giveaways. So you won’t miss them.


I have given you all the methods including our website that will help you to get a free BGMI redeem code, either directly or indirectly. Now it’s up to you to decide which method to use to get a Free BGMI Redeem Codes.

And let me tell you, we also update the redeem code list every day. Your task is to stay up-to-date and visit our website to get new codes frequently. You can also buy or BGMI UC redeem codes by yourself from different sources we mentioned.

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