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You have come to the right place if you want to get some Free Amazon gift cards. Many people also call it Amazon redeem codes.

All internet users like you and me are well aware of the fact that Amazon is one of the largest online retailers. You can use a free Amazon Gift Card to add balance to your Amazon Pay wallet and then use it while shopping online, recharging, paying bills, etc.

Free Amazon Pay Gift Cards or Redeem code in Giveaway

On this website, I am sharing Amazon redeem codes and Amazon gift card codes every day. I myself buy Amazon redeem codes and gift cards and share them with you.

You keep scrolling, in the below table, you can get free Amazon gift cards in tables. I also mentioned the amount of each gift card code. Remember, each code can only be used once.


Free Amazon Gift Card Code

Amazon Gift CodesAmount

Amazon Coupon Code for free

Amazon Coupon codesOffers/Rewards
ZOEQ8LWF25% off on groceries
MKG7V8ZN28% off on beauty products
JV7CGKLM31% off on sports
UOQKNP7S24% off on furniture
BXBQHPNM27% off on jewelry
QHDTSW5L20% off on pet supplies
DCNZUJKM23% off on shoes
GWF3L47K16% off on garden supplies
QW8XRMGZ10% off on musical instruments
HSPK7R3N30% off on video games

Amazon Gift Card Redeem

Amazon Redeem codesOffers/Rewards
YUX9M2LE12% off on electronics
RPLS3X0Z10% off on books
TFCX1QWV21% off on clothes
ZLQW8PMH50% off on home appliances
WX1SCJ2D30% off on toys
RYKJ8U0T70% off on groceries
LZBM2U1X20% off on beauty products
OQXMPV5G26% off on sports
QDVJ2GKZ19% off on furniture
MNXPK5LW2% off on jewelry

Amazon 100 Rs off coupon code

Amazon coupon codesOffers/Rewards
UE9GK2LZ65% off on pet supplies
JXQP0R3N18% off on shoes
MBQK6T5S30% off on garden supplies
NVZ6R0UE50% off on musical instruments
WTXE3QZP60% off on video games
PVGK4UQJ30% off on electronics
SLCX5W2B33% off on books
TQGM6F3X36% off on clothes
UV7PQY8K29% off on home appliances
WX8RV0ZL32% off on toys

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Why do we give Free Amazon Gift Cards and Redeem codes?

Now you might be wondering why anybody would give free Amazon gift cards. Let me answer this question.

We earn by displaying ads on our multiple websites. And whatever amount we earn, 30% of the amount is used to buy such redeem codes.

We also keep exploring new apps, methods, and other platforms to earn online money.

During this time sometimes we get good money, cash rewards, cashback, and even free rewards like gift cards. We then share the codes with you on our multiple platforms for free.

Uses of Amazon Pay Gift card and redeem codes

Amazon redeem codes, also known as Amazon gift cards, are special codes that you can use to add a specific amount of money to your Amazon Pay balance.

You can then use the Amazon Pay balance wallet money to shop for anything on Amazon.

You can make online payments, pay bills, buy Google Play gift cards, and Apple Gift cards, Make mobile/DTH recharges, buy gift cards for your friends and many more such options are available.

Here I have given the uses in a point-wise way:

  1. Shop on Amazon for anything – electronics, clothes, groceries, books, and more.
  2. Pay bills quickly including electricity, water, gas, and mobile top-up.
  3. Pay for subscriptions like Amazon Prime, music apps, and other digital memberships.
  4. Order food delivery from services accepting Amazon Pay.
  5. Book flights, hotels, movies, concerts, event tickets and travel through Amazon Pay-supported websites.
  6. Buy gift cards for various brands and services.

How to add balance to Amazon Pay Wallet?

Here are the steps to add redeem codes balance to Amazon Pay balance:

  • First, you need to copy the Amazon gift card or Amazon redeem code from our website.
  • Visit Amazon and sign in to your account where you want to add the balance.
  • Go to the Amazon Pay section on the website or app.
  • In the Amazon Pay dashboard, find and click on the option that says ‘Add Gift Card to your balance’.
  • Paste the gift card code that you have copied from our website.
  • Once you have entered the code, click on ‘Add to your balance’. The amount on the redeem code will be added to your Amazon Pay wallet.
  • Now you can start shopping on Amazon without needing any other payment method.

Types of Amazon Redeem Codes / Gift Cards

  1. Physical Amazon Gift Cards: Buy from stores or Amazon.
  2. E-Gift Cards: Receive codes through email or text.
  3. Print at Home Gift Cards: Print codes for gifts.

How to get Free Amazon Coupon Codes

Here are some ways to get free Amazon gift cards:

Direct from Amazon:

  • Watch for Amazon promotions and offers that give gift cards.
  • Get gift card rewards with an Amazon credit card.

Other sources:

  • Earn points by taking surveys on sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.
  • Get cashback by using the apps like Rakuten for shopping through their links. You can then convert the cash back to gift cards later.
  • Scan receipts on apps like Fetch Rewards to earn points redeemable for Amazon gift cards.
  • Enter giveaways run by blogs, influencers, and YouTube channels with Amazon gift cards as prizes.
  • You can also find similar websites like that aim to give free Amazon gift cards or Free Amazon redeem codes
  • You can join Telegram channels that share such options on their platforms.

How to check Amazon Gift Card Balance

Here is a simple way to check your Amazon gift card balance:

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Go to “Accounts & Lists” at the top right and click “Your Account” from the menu.
  3. Scroll down to the “Amazon Wallet” section and click on “Gift Cards”.
  4. You will see your current gift card balance displayed at the top of the page.

This balance shows how much money you can spend from any Amazon coupon code you added to your account.

It gets automatically applied to your next order, so you don’t need to enter any code during checkout.

Note: You have to stay away from sams like Phishing Emails, Fake listings, Generators, etc. It would help to be alert to these scams and carefully verify the sources before using them.


As I said, I am personally purchasing Amazon redeem codes or gift cards and then sharing them with you.

We are doing our job in the best way but your job is to bookmark our website, visit our website regularly and get the chance to get a working Amazon redeem code directly in your AmazonPay wallet. If you have any doubt please comment below.

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