1GB+ Airtel Free Data Codes (Kurkure and Lays Codes)


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Are you looking to add an Airtel free data code to the app that will give Free Data? Many of you are still confused about the use of the Rewards&Coupon section in the Airtel thanks app, when and how to use this feature.

If you are an Airtel user and want to get free data then I will tell you a way where to use this rewards&coupon option.

This is a popular offer run by Airtel. In this offer, you will get 1-2GB of free data using Kurkure and Layz packets.

Airtel Free Data Codes using Lays Kurkure

Let’s understand everything about this option and how my website will help you to get free Airtel codes without the need to buy Airtel/Lays packets.


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How to get Free Data in Airtel

Main method: Airtel Free Data Codes using Lays and Kurkure packets

You can go to your nearby supermarket and only buy the Kurkure/Lays packets where you will see promotions or ads.

The promotion says, “Get 1GB of free data.” You will find a 12-digit Airtel Free Data Code inside the pack. You have to enter this code in the ‘Apply Coupon’ section of the Airtel Thanks App.

  1. Local Grocery Stores: Check the nearby grocery stores or local Kirana shops. These shops keep these promotional packets like Kurkure and Lays.
  2. Supermarkets: Visit big supermarkets like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, or More. These stores regularly take part in promotional offers. So you are likely to find the packs there.
  3. Online Retailers: You will find these packs listed on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and BigBasket during specific campaign periods.

There are many ways to get free data. But using codes from Kurkure and Lays packs is one of the easiest ways. This post will only tell you about the “Free Airtel Data Code using Kurkure and Lays” method. I will also share many Airtel free data codes with you.

Remember, not all packs will have the free data offer. Look for packs that mention “Get 1GB free data” or “Get 2GB free data”. These packs will have a 12-digit Airtel-free data code inside.

Airtel 1GB data coupon code free today (For Kurkure)

Free 1GB Data AirtelAirtel Free Data Codes

Airtel coupon code free 1GB today by Lays


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2nd method: Free Airtel data using Amazon Codes

Our website gives free Amazon gift card codes in the giveaway. You can take the biggest benefits of this to get free Airtel data. This is an easy and best replacement for Airtel Free Data Codes using Kurkure/Lays.

Free Airtel data using Amazon Codes
  1. Redeem Amazon Gift Card Code: First, copy the Amazon codes from our website and redeem them in the AmazonPay wallet.
  2. Recharge Your Airtel Number: Use this Amazon Pay balance to recharge your Airtel data pack.
  3. Enjoy Free Data: After recharging with Amazon Pay, you will get free data on your Airtel number.

how to get free data in Airtel Using Amazon Offers

Amazon gives many offers that add Amazon Pay balance to your account. To get the regular offers:

  1. Regularly check Amazon for new offers that give Amazon Pay balance as a reward.
  2. Take part in these offers like cashback on purchases, bill payment rewards, etc.
  3. Use the Amazon Pay balance to recharge your Airtel number and get free data.

3rd Method: Using Flipkart SuperCoins for Airtel data

If you shop frequently on Flipkart, you must have a good collection of SuperCoins. You can use them to make free recharge and get free internet. These are the simple steps to use the Flipkart super coins.

Using Flipkart SuperCoins for Airtel data
  1. Earn Flipkart SuperCoins: Make purchases on Flipkart to accumulate SuperCoins.
  2. Open SuperCoin Zone: Go to the ‘SuperCoin Zone’ on Flipkart and select ‘Recharge & Bills’.
  3. Recharge Using SuperCoins: Choose your Airtel number and data pack. Apply your SuperCoins to get a free or discounted recharge.


I know there are many ways to get free data, but this post only tells the easiest and most direct methods. Some methods are indirect and may need you to wait for the right offers. But the methods here are easy and currently active. I may add more easy methods in future updates when available.

You can share your experiences or other simple tricks to get free data in the comments. This will help other readers find new ways to get Airtel Free Data.

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