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Get ready to play Basketball Legends on Roblox. In this game, you become a basketball star trying to be the best. You will feel the excitement of the game and hear the crowd cheering you on. The Basketball Legends codes bring the fun of basketball directly into the virtual world.

Similar to all the games of Roblox, the “Basketball Legends” also has its special codes. When you redeem these codes, you will get all kinds of awesome rewards like coins, boosters, and exclusive in-game items.

If you are looking for active Basketball Legends codes, then stay tuned with our game. I am sharing all the latest codes in the table given below.

Basketball Legends codes

GALAXYRedeem for 1 Space Case (New)
160KLIKESFree Coins
coinboost2x coins for 30 minutes
150KLIKESFree Coins
EASTER24Redeem for 1 Spring 2024 Case
IMLUCKYTODAYRedeem for a free skin
100KLIKESRedeem for 5k Coins
IRISHSPRINGGREENRedeem for 1 Limited Time Case
HL1KLIKESRedeem for 10k Coins
JOLLYRedeem for 1 Christmas Case

Expired Basketball Legend Codes

GALAXYRedeem for 1 Space Case (New)
EASTER24Redeem for 1 Spring 2024 Case
IMLUCKYTODAYRedeem for a free skin
100KLIKESRedeem for 5k Coins
IRISHSPRINGGREENRedeem for 1 Limited Time Case
HL1KLIKESRedeem for 10k Coins
JOLLYRedeem for 1 Christmas Case
70KLIKESRedeem for 5,000 Coins
60KLIKESRedeem for 10k Coins
SPOOKYRedeem for Coins
friday13effectsRedeem for in-game effects
friday13skinsRedeem for skins
friday13bannersRedeem for banners
40KLIKESRedeem for 5k Coins
20KLIKESRedeem for Coins
30KLIKESRedeem for Coins
LOBCITYRedeem for Rewards
REWARDSRedeem for Rewards
CHEESYRedeem for Coins
sorryRedeem for Rewards

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More about the codes

In the world of Roblox games, the codes for “Basketball Legends” are special tools These codes give you freebies items and other rewards in the game.

The codes also sometimes give you exclusive items, like special skins or cool visual effects, that you can’t easily get any other way.

Here are some of the best benefits of using “Basketball Legends” codes:

  1. Save Money: You can use the codes to get items without spending your own money.
  2. Get an Edge: Some codes will provide boosts, like extra experience points.
  3. Access Exclusive Content: Many codes unlock unique or limited-time items.
  4. Coins: This is the most common reward from codes. You can use the coins to buy a variety of items in the game, such as new balls, character customization options, and cosmetic effects.
  5. Cases: These contain random items, which could be anything from new balls and character skins to cosmetic effects and boosts.
  6. Boosts: These provide temporary benefits to your character, such as increased coin gain or improved performance.

How to get Free Redeem Codes

You can check these platforms and try your luck if you want to collect the codes by yourself.

  1. Official Social Media: The game developers share new codes on their social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can follow their accounts to get updates directly.
  2. Discord Servers: Many Roblox games have official Discord servers where the community and developers talk. These servers also have special channels with the purpose of sharing codes.
  3. Trello: Some developers use Trello boards to organize game info, including codes. You can follow the “Basketball Legends” Trello board to learn about the codes and updates.
  4. Community Forums: Roblox and gaming forums like Reddit are also good for finding codes.
  5. Roblox Game Updates: The game’s Roblox page sometimes has new codes in the description when there are updates, so check there too.
  6. Visit our website,, where we collect codes from multiple legal sources, including for “Basketball Legends.”

How to redeem the Basketball Legends codes

How to redeem the Basketball Legends codes

These are the general steps to redeem the codes in Basketball Legends

  1. Open the Roblox
  2. Search the “Basketball Legends” game and open it
  3. Start playing the game and then you will see a star icon
  4. Click on the Star icon (CODE) on the left side of the screen
  5. You can now enter the code and redeem it


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