Latest NBA 2k24 Locker Codes Today

If you are a basketball sports lover or a big fan of Basketball, you must have heard about the NBA. Now you can play the virtual NBA basketball game on your PC too. This game takes the basketball simulation experience to the next height.

NBA 2K24 is like reality with different game modes. And it uses real NBA footage for players’ movements and game feel.

NBA 2K24 Locker Codes

Above all, NBA 2K24 locker codes are another popular item in the game that makes it unique and different from real basketball sports.

You can use the codes to unlock amazing features and other in-game items. You might get exclusive rewards, boosts, and customization options.


And to help you, My team is giving you the free NBA 2K24 codes. You will get the codes in the table given below. We also keep updating the table with the new codes (if available)

Table containing the latest NBA 2k24 Locker Codes

2K24-SZN6-GO-KIDDGalaxy Opal Kidd
GO-MARC-GASOL-33-IN-MYTEAMGalaxy Opal Marc Gasol
HOP-INTO-MYTEAMDiamond or higher player drop
BAD-BUNNY-2K24Cangrejeros jersey
LUNAR-NEW-YEAR-JEREMY-LINDiamond player drop
HAPPY-MLKDAY-2K24-SRC3MLK shirt, double XP
2K24-MYTEAM-MLK-HB3VDeluxe Pack
2K24-XP-COIN-HOLIDAYTwo hours of double XP
2K22-GET-MORE-BOOSTGatorade boost x5
2K19-SWEAT-2KL-25DAYSChristmas Sweater
MYTEAM-ASCENSION-25-DAYS25 Pick Ascension Board

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About the NBA 2K24 codes

NBA 2K24 is the latest basketball game in the famous NBA 2K series. This game shows professional basketball in a very realistic way. It has advanced gameplay and amazing graphics because of the new ProPLAY technology. This technology uses real NBA footage to make the virtual experience genuine.

Now, let’s see the benefits you get by using NBA 2K24 codes.

  • Free Rewards: The best part is that these codes let you get in-game items without spending your virtual currency (VC).
  • Virtual Currency Packs: These give you lots of VC, which is very important in MyTeam mode. With VC, you can get the best players, contracts, and more.
  • Player Cards: Codes can give you player cards from common to the best Galaxy Opal cards. These will improve your MyTeam’s rating and performance.
  • Consumables: You also get items like contracts to keep your players in good shape and special tokens for game modes.
  • Cosmetics: Don’t forget the cool cosmetic items like unique uniforms for your MyPlayer or team.
  • Exclusive Content: Sometimes, you may find codes for exclusive items that you can’t get normally. Like special player cards or one-of-a-kind uniforms.
  • Boost Progress: With free VC, players, contracts, etc. you can develop your MyTeam faster. This means you can compete at a higher level more quickly.

How to get the NBA 2K24 Codes

You can find these NBA 2K24 Codes from many reliable sources. Here are some ways that we use personally:

Official Social Media: Follow the official NBA 2K24 pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The developers share new locker codes there, especially during big events or new content releases.

Discord Servers: You can join the official NBA 2K24 Discord server or other gaming servers. The community shares the latest codes.

Community Forums: Keep visiting the forum sites like Reddit which have NBA 2K subreddits. Gamers discuss tips, tricks, and locker codes there.

YouTube: Many NBA 2K YouTubers and influencers also share codes in their videos, updates, tutorials, and reviews.

Visit We collect the codes from multiple sources and share them on our website for easy access.

By regularly checking our websites and sources, you will stay updated on the latest NBA 2K24 locker codes.

How to redeem the NBA 2K24 codes

Alright, let me tell you the two main ways you can redeem those NBA 2K24 locker codes:

Option 1: Through MyTeam

  1. First, open the NBA 2K24 game and go to the MyTeam menu.
  2. Now, go to the Community Hub section within MyTeam – it’s usually on the home tab.
  3. In the Community Hub, you will see an option to “Enter Locker Code.”
  4. Type the redeem code, including any hyphens or special characters.
  5. Now, just click on the submit button and you will get your rewards.

Option 2: Through MyCAREER

  1. In this option, you first need to open NBA 2K24 and go to your MyCAREER.
  2. Once you are in the Neighborhood or City, look for the Options or Quit menu.
  3. In this menu, you will find an option for “Locker Codes.” This is where you can enter the codes.
  4. Just enter the code, submit it, and you will get the rewards.


Do you know how these codes have the power to unlock all kinds of incredible exclusive items, player packs, and even in-game coins? Our blog is not only giving you free NBA 2K24 locker codes but also sharing some ways to get them yourself.

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