100+ Free Mobile Legends redeem codes Today

You have clicked and visited the site means you must know about Mobile Legends, right? It is a very popular game and became very popular for its world of battle arenas.

One thing that makes Mobile Legends special is you can join a team. And you can choose your own heroes. Then, you and your team take part in battles. You need the right skills and strategy to test your skills.

100+ Free Mobile Legends redeem code that are working as well

Are you like me who always wants to win the game? Then you can take the benefits of the Mobile Legends redeem codes. I think you might have used these codes before. Redeem codes give you free items in the game. You can get skins for your heroes or also unlock new heroes. These things can help you win your next battle.

That is why we all look for free redeem codes. And that is why we at work hard to collect and share the redeem codes with you. You can simply copy the code from our website and paste it into your game.


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Working Mobile Legends Redeem code

  1. HOLAMLBB (new players only)
  2. 6A2AXM
  3. ff49pzjgn
  4. 4d1tmkjgo
  5. SUMMER0825
  6. T4XFXT
  7. 5PNU6H
  9. JCCFR7
  10. VS5X65
  11. 7YEKK3
  12. 6DDZTC

Old Mobile Legends Redeem Code

  2. 4B6WXT
  3. 5C8VX2WA
  5. 8Q6F9M3BN7J5X2LW4
  6. E2H7M9P4X5
  7. P7G5W6T4BN8CZ3LM
  8. 7QYR3VWJU
  10. M5Z8X7F2V3H9PLK6
  12. 3FJ6CNZVAH8
  13. 9A4U5CD7QYX2L6JW
  14. L6F9BZ4N
  15. T5H7Z2X8C6J4W3Y9L
  16. J7G62E
  17. 8DZVYA
  18. HD3K9F
  19. 9TJ4EG3
  20. 4N6M7L9A8JW5TY2VX
  21. 3C8B9W7XY2J6NQPT
  22. K8DL5T6GB9
  23. 6J8W2V7HL4Y3ZNXB9
  24. 2Y7XPTL9G6BW
  26. A6G3W8N5XV4JL2R9P
  27. 5U4J3C9V2XW7HLBN
  28. F2R9LM
  29. QP5K7DH

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Uses of mobile legend codes

You can use the mobile legends codes to get extra goodies for free and that too without spending money from your pocket. Let’s take a closer look at what you can unlock with these codes:

  • Heroes: Sometimes, you can unlock new heroes. You can try different strategies and gameplay styles of the heroes.
  • Skins: Skins change the appearance of your heroes and they make your game more colourful and personal.
  • Battle Points: You can get battle points, too. These points are used in the game to buy heroes and other items and help you to progress faster.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are the premium currency in Mobile Legends. With diamonds, you can buy special items, heroes, or skins that are usually not available through other means.

Legal Sources to get mobile legends redeem code

For finding Mobile Legends redeem codes, you can check both official sources and other community-driven platforms.

Official Sources for Codes:

  • Game’s Social Media Accounts: Follow Mobile Legends on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Sometimes, the game developer of the game, Moonton, posts new redeem codes.
  • Official Live Streams: You can also watch official Mobile Legends live streams on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, The owners of these YouTube channels share the codes during these streams.
  • In-Game Events: You can also participate in in-game events. Moonton regularly hosts events in Mobile Legends that offer redeem codes as rewards for participation or achievement.

Community-Driven Platforms:

  • Telegram Groups: There are dedicated Telegram channels for Mobile Legends where players share the latest redeem codes they find.
  • Reddit: The Mobile Legends Reddit community is a great place to find shared redeem codes from fellow players.
  • Forums: Official forums and gaming forums like XDA Developers sometimes have threads dedicated to sharing redeem codes.
  • YouTube: Content creators and influencers in the Mobile Legends community also share redeem codes in their videos in their giveaways.
  • Discord Servers: Now Discords also helps you. You can join the Mobile Legends Discord servers where codes are exchanged. These types of game-related servers are run by fans or content creators.
  • Gaming Websites: Websites dedicated to mobile gaming news and tips also publish articles that include redeem codes for special occasions. One such website is

Steps to redeem Mobile Legends Code

Steps to redeem Mobile legends Code

Here’s a concise guide on how to use Mobile Legends redeem codes:

  1. Visit the Mobile Legends Code Exchange website.
  2. Enter your Redemption Code, Game ID, and Server ID.
  3. Check your in-game mailbox for a Verification Code.
  4. Enter the Verification Code on the website (valid for 30 minutes).
  5. Click “Redeem” to receive your item in-game.

How do these redeem codes help?

By using the redeem codes you can take benefits of many things:

  • Battle Points: Boost your in-game purchases.
  • Free Diamonds: Use premium currency without spending real money.
  • Emblems and Magic Dust: Enhance character abilities for competitive edges.
  • Trial Cards: Test out heroes before committing resources to them.
  • Faster Progress: These codes can unlock resources and help you climb the level faster.
  • Wider Variety of Heroes: You gain access to exclusive heroes.
  • Exclusive Skins: You can easily personalize your game character appearances and make the gameplay more enjoyable.

Note: To stay safe and avoid scams while seeking Mobile Legends redeem codes, always use official sources like the game’s social media pages or official website for code releases.


We keep adding and updating this page with new Mobile Legends redeem codes. You can come back after a few hours and check the new code. You must understand that codes can only be redeemed once.

It cannot be used like coupon codes where a code can be used multiple times to get a discount. So don’t worry if you find that the code has been used. As I said, we add new code frequently. So visit our website regularly, get them immediately and enjoy the free content.

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