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Hello fellow Pokémon GO catchers. I know that excitement when you walk around to collect the Pokémon on your phone.

Now you can boost this excitement with more special things. One such special item is the redeem code. Similar to other games, these codes are also activated and give many more gifts.

Working and New Pokemon Go Promo Codes in 2024

By using the codes you will get Exclusive Pokémon Codes, Many Helpful items (like Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, PokéBalls, and more), and Bonus rewards ( XP boosts, Stardust, and other incentives)

So you grab those Free Pokémon Redeem Codes given on our website. On the way, you will also know the ways to collect the rewards or PikemonGo codes by yourself.


Currently Working on Pokemon Go Promo Codes

CAPTAINPIKACHUActivate Encounter
XZU46EAHWPKLK10 Great Ball & 5 Potion
0HY0UF0UNDM3Rotom Encounter

Free Pokemon Go Redeem Codes

01TLKV7MCZS38 Raid Pass, 1 Star Piece
208MSA1KD4LC12 Unova Stone, 7 Raid Pass
8QI9HDOWPOPQ11 Star Piece, 2 Pokéballs
Y6BXZ6AVW5MA14 Unova Stone, 5 Unova Stone
UXRSFVW932GG26 Star Piece, 8 XP Boost
HJ5TR0S8NWMY17 Berries, 4 Max Potion
2LSF8XRDZVEJ21 Pokéballs, 10 Stardust
W3HMUQRX4K6P25 Lucky Eggs, 3 Revive
N8USFWTQJ5ZW20 Incense, 7 Lure Module
PQVJX49RS8XQ15 Mystery Box, 2 Rare Candy
B3SGU2HV9DNT7 XP Boost, 10 Pokéballs
9EJPS47KQVUD23 Raid Pass, 6 Berries
GM5DVJ6K3GTA19 Stardust, 3 Super Incubator
4WVF6R8X9EKP28 Pokéballs, 1 Max Potion
YK8JQ5M3Q9SA10 Lucky Eggs, 5 Incense
TDX2FL9K8Z3E12 Berries, 2 Lure Module
9LMYQ4GT6P3W5 Mystery Box, 9 XP Boost
3J92K8XL7A6N14 Rare Candy, 8 Stardust
F8MY5H2WXZLQ18 Star Piece, 4 Pokéballs
ZQRG8K9WK4HP13 Max Potion, 3 Raid Pass

Promo Codes for Pokemon Go

1G15OJENAG5U12 Mystery Box, 5 Revive
0ZWQI3F4XGTE8 Lure Module, 7 Stardust
MFBX42HLE4IC7 Lure Module, 10 Raid Pass
N7S1TR19IBKS21 Unova Stone, 8 XP Boost
UU5F71I8OCK428 Rare Candy, 8 Lure Module
OTD2XY84AC0F21 XP Boost, 9 Raid Pass
LVH3BWGGFV7H9 Lucky Eggs, 2 Lucky Eggs
P54X5VZRZUC710 XP Boost, 3 Star Piece
7XYPGEAZRUK510 Incense, 4 Max Potion
43E79UGAW22B8 Stardust, 4 Lucky Eggs
NUZEJMDOGBSV10 Star Piece, 7 Super Incubator
HZQHG4HKD0WW11 Lucky Eggs, 8 Unova Stone
5BNS1KNNSVRA6 Max Potion, 6 Max Potion
NBB5E6VZ5MDJ29 Super Incubator, 1 Unova Stone
6P58YUAYX0L528 Lure Module, 3 Super Incubator
30253GX6CCQW25 Lure Module, 5 Incense
0B4FC3FVEIF817 Pokéballs, 1 Pokéballs
IIEHI5KZGG6417 Rare Candy, 8 Stardust
49WY2VWTG5AO21 Mystery Box, 10 XP Boost
AF038S02XHYO7 Stardust, 6 Rare Candy

Some More Related Posts on Redeem Codes:

What are Pokemon Go redeem codes?

In Pokémon GO, redeem codes are special codes that can be used to obtain game items.

On redeeming these codes, you will get all the premium benefits at a discounted price or the event at a free price. Here are the items you can get for free using the redeem codes.

  • Free Poké Balls that are used for catching Pokémon.
  • Berries that are useful to catch Pokémon easily or restore their motivation.
  • Unique Cosmeticsnlike T-shirt, or backpack to customize your avatar.
  • Also, get rare items like Egg Incubators or Lucky Eggs.
  • Occasionally you will get rare or special Pokémon

Rare and Special Rewards:

  • In the past, players have received limited-time items like the Verizon Mask & Jacket or a Worlds 2022 T-Shirt. These items are special because you can’t get them any other way except by using these codes.

How to get Pokemon Go code redeem

Official Sources to get codes:

  • Niantic’s Social Media: Follow them on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Events or giveaways: You can join in special in-game events or giveaways to get real Pokemon Go Promo codes.

Community Sources:

  • Telegram Groups: Join Pokémon GO-focused groups.
  • Forums: Websites like Reddit have communities sharing codes.
  • Social Media Groups: Facebook groups dedicated to Pokémon GO.
  • Discords: Find servers related to Pokémon GO for code exchanges.

Where to buy

Friends, I know the urge to get those Pokémon GO codes. But buying them isn’t the right path. Let me share safer tips instead.

Niantic gives these codes in events, competitions and tie-ups. They want to please the players, not profit from impatience. So be patient with these free code gifts.

And participate in communities like Reddit, Discord, and Telegram. Follow fan pages too. Sometimes many genuine players share spare codes there. We just need some luck.

Meanwhile, also stay away from the unofficial or illegal sellers that try to steal your personal information or ask for money.

How to redeem Pokemon Go codes redeem

How to redeem Pokemon go code redeem

To redeem Pokemon GO promo codes, whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, you now need to visit the official Niantic Rewards website.

This unified method simplifies the process so that all players can follow the same steps:

  1. Visit the Niantic Offer Redemption webpage.
  2. Log in using the same credentials you use for your Pokémon GO account.
  3. Enter your offer code in the provided field.
  4. After successfully redeeming your code, a confirmation message will display the items added to your inventory.

It’s important to note that, as of February 13, 2024, Android users are no longer able to redeem codes directly in the app due to a policy change aimed at creating a consistent experience for all players.

Now, everyone must use the web store for code redemption. If you have a Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC) account, you will need to link it to another type of account (like Google or Facebook) to log in and redeem codes.


You know that getting Pokemon Go promo codes is not as easy as you think. You need to put in some effort and give enough time for that.

So keep visiting our website frequently to get new codes without putting much effort. Bookmark our website, and share with your friends so everyone can get the same chance to get free Pokemon GO codes.

Now, stay alert for more surprises, as we are constantly updating the website with new codes.

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