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Many players want the Titan Scar skin as it makes their weapon look cool and powerful. So if you are looking to get Free Fire Titan Scar Skin Redeem codes, you can get them for free on this page.

In Free Fire, redeem codes for skins like the Titan Scar are special codes given by Garena. The Titan Scar skin is a popular item because it changes how the Scar weapon looks.

Free Fire Titan Scar Skin Redeem Code

Free Fire Titan Scar Skin Redeem Codes (Gun)

  1. F388P5AAU5975B12

Expired Free Fire Titan Scar Gun Redeem Codes

  4. F5ML345IEBPX0H0C
  8. F9X8BPW19JWJ80KE
  11. WI408G7E2ON7PB0Q

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What is Titan Scar and its details?

What is Titan Scar and its details?

The Titan Scar is a skin for the gun in the Free Fire game. Every player wants to get the Titan Scar because it makes them stronger in the game.


It also shows that you are serious about the game. Your competitors will know that you are a skilled and dedicated player.

If you have the Titan Scar, you get a chance to win more battles and you can also complete missions more easily.

How can you get the Titan Scar Redeem codes?

To get Titan Scar redeem codes, you simply need to visit our website. Another great place is the game’s official social media pages. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Sometimes, when there are big sporting events or competitions, they give away these codes as prizes. For example, the game once hosted an event called “Extramathon”. Many players have received these gun skin redeem codes in this event.

Features of Titan Scar Gun Skin

Here are the key features of the coveted Titan Scar skin:

  1. The skin boosts the damage caused by the Scar weapon.
  2. It will improve the Scar’s rate of fire. You can shoot more bullets in a shorter time.
  3. Titan Scar skins also increase the reload speed and reduce downtime between reloading magazines.
  4. Besides performance upgrades, the Titan Scar gives the weapon a, visually good look.
  5. Titan Scar comes with special effects, animations, or sounds that activate during gameplay.

How to Redeem the codes?

  1. Visit the official Garena Free Fire redemption site.
  2. Log in with your Free Fire account using Facebook, Google, VK, or another linked account.
  3. Enter the code directly under the “Redeem your code” section.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button, then close your browser.
  5. Wait for up to 24 hours. If your code works, you will get your rewards in your in-game mailbox.
  6. Open your Free Fire app, and go to the vault tab in the game lobby to collect your rewards.


We always look for new Titan Scar redeem codes and update our page with them. You too know that the Free Fire redeem codes are for one-time use only.

They don’t work like discount codes which you can use multiple times. If a code has been used, no need to worry. We replace the codes in the table with new codes whenever we get them. So keep visiting our site to get these weapon skin codes.

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