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A good news for all the Cookie Run Kingdom players. I know you are eagerly looking to get free cookie run Kingdom codes.

Well, you have visited the correct website. And if you are one of the old users of this website, you too know that our website is dedicated to giving free redeem codes.

So this time too, we are all ready to help you in this game. You can use our Cookie Run Kingdom Code Redeem to get free items, boosts, and characters.

“Cookie Run: Kingdom” is not just about battling. It is also about building a strong kingdom and planning your victories carefully.

Updated List of Cookie Run Kingdom Codes Redeem

And with Cookie Run Kingdom Codes, you will get many benefits. So, if you want to make your kingdom the best it can help your cookie heroes to win and stay ahead in the game.

Free Cookie Run Kingdom Codes List

Free Cookie Run Kingdom CodeReward
LOVEWITCHSCASTLE1,500x Crystals / 300x Rainbow Cubes
MISSEARTHBREAD243,000x Crystals / 1,000x Rainbow Cubes

Cookie Run Kingdom Code Redeem

Free Cookie Run KingdomRewardsExpiry Date
CRK3RDANNIVERSARYST500K coinsExpires February 29
WELCOMETOBEASTYEAST3000 Gems, 1500 Rainbow Cubes and moreExpires February 29
CRK3RDANNIVERSARYA150 Topping PiecesExpires February 29
LCSFINALEGIFTFORYOU500x Rainbow Cubes and 3K CrystalsExpires January 24
GOOGLEPLAY20233,000 Crystals, 1,000 Rainbow CubesExpires December 30
BEWAREOFTHEMERGELCS3,000 CrystalsValid till December 21
PAPERWORKISIMPORTANT20 Time JumperExpires December 13
DESPERATEMEASURESLCS100 Stamina Jellies, 100 EXP Star Jellies Lvl.5Valid till November 29
HOLESOMEADVENTURE3k Crystals and 1K Rainbow cubeValid till November 21
CRKALWAYSLOVEYOU1500 Rainbow Cubes, 3000 Crystals, 1000 Radiant Shards, 250 000 Gold & 30 Time Jumpers
POCKETGAMERAWARD3000 Crystals & 1000 Rainbow Cubes
THANX200MPLAYERS2000 Crystals, 2000 Rainbow Cubes
CRKINGDOMWITHBTS3000 Crystals, 1000 Army Bombs
COOKIEFOOLSDAYS2Rewards: 401 Crystals
CRKWELCOMEDISNEY3000 Crystals, 400 Radiant Shards and more
0728CKCOOKIELIVE1500 Crystals, 300 Rainbow Cubes, 3 Treasure Tickets, 3x 30-min Speed-up

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Cookie Run Codes

CodeRewardsExpiry Date
MYSTICGEMFEST20242000 Gems, 500 Magic DustExpires April 10
ULTRARAINBOWDASH1000 Rainbow Cubes, 250 Star JelliesExpired on July 1
TECHWIZARDGIFT3 Tech Gadgets, 1500 CrystalsExpired on June 15
COOKIEHEROESUNITE5 Hero Cookies, 200 Topping PiecesExpired in July 1
DREAMSKYADVENTURE2500 Cloud Coins, 1 Dream CompassValid till August 20
STARLIGHTCELEBRATION1500 Star Points, 10 Night Sky CookiesExpired on September 30
GOLDENHARVEST20243000 Gold Coins, 20 Harvest TokensExpired on October 25
WINTERWONDERGIFT500 Snowflakes, 2 Winter LanternsExpired on December 15
SPRINGSPIRIT2024150 Spring Essences, 5 Blossom TicketsExpires March 21
NIGHTSHADOWVAULT1 Shadow Key, 500 Dark GemsValid till November 5
FIREFLYFESTIVAL300 Firefly Lights, 3 Festival CostumesExpires July 14
GALACTICGAMES20242000 Galaxy Coins, 3 Space TokensExpires April 18
ANCIENTMAGICCODE5 Ancient Scrolls, 1000 Mystic CrystalsValid till September 9
BOUNTYOFTHESUN500 Sunstones, 10 Solar MapsExpires August 30
CRYSTALCAVERNKEY2 Cavern Keys, 1500 Cave CrystalsExpires May 25
PIXELPUZZLEPRO1000 Puzzle Pieces, 3 Solution GuidesValid till June 30
OCEANDREAMER500 Ocean Pearls, 2 Dolphin CompanionsExpires July 20
STORMWATCHER20241 Storm Glass, 800 Lightning GemsValid till August 5
TREASUREHUNTERS3 Treasure Maps, 2000 Adventure CoinsExpires September 10
FESTIVALOFLIGHTS1000 Festival Lights, 5 LanternsValid till November 11

How Redeem Codes Are Useful?

You see, you can ace the game, if you play with strategy with the right resources. And these Cookie Run Kingdom codes can give you just that. These codes are used to get rare items, power-ups, and even new characters that you might not have access to otherwise.

You can try out new strategies, experiment with different team compositions, and explore the game in ways you might not have been able to before.

So, why wait? Let’s take advantage of the free Cookie Run Kingdom codes shared by our website and give your kingdom that extra boost it needs.

What are Cookie Run Kingdom Code Redeem

Cookie Run Kingdom redeem codes are the codes that game developers occasionally share with their players. Like all other games, you can enter these redeem codes in the game to get free items and resources. These redeem codes are filled with gifts like crystals, sugar gnomes, and more.

These crystals can help build or grow your kingdom faster. Sugar gnomes will give you an edge in battles. So you will enjoy the game even more, explore new strategies, and even get ahead of the competition by using these free items and resources.

Where to get the Free Cookie Run Kingdom Codes?

To find Cookie Run: Kingdom redeem codes, there are several official methods and communities that you can give a try.

Official Sources:

  • Game’s Social Media Pages: You should follow “Cookie Run: Kingdom” official platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The game’s developer Devsisters, occasionally shares new codes during special promotions, events, or milestones.
  • Newsletters: You can sign up for the game’s newsletter and if your luck is good, you will get exclusive redeem codes directly to your email.
  • In-game Events: You can also participate in special events within “Cookie Run: Kingdom” itself to get new redeem codes.

Community Platforms:

  • Forums: Gaming forums and websites dedicated to “Cookie Run: Kingdom” are great places to find shared codes by fellow players.
  • Telegram and Discord Servers: You can also join Telegram groups or Discord servers focused on “Cookie Run: Kingdom”. Members of these groups sometimes share codes they have found or received in one or another way.

How to redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

How to redeem Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

To redeem codes in “Cookie Run: Kingdom,” you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Open Cookie Run: Kingdom on your device.
  2. Tap the menu icon with three lines in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Find and note down your Player ID. You will need this for the next step.
  5. Go to the DevPlay coupon page (
  6. Enter your Player ID in the given field.
  7. Now fill in the Cookie Run: Kingdom code you want to redeem in the other field.
  8. Tap Claim Reward.
  9. Finally, restart the game for the rewards to be reflected in your account.

Uses of Codes

In “Cookie Run: Kingdom,” redeem codes can unlock many in-game rewards. Here are some points:

  • You can get in-game Currency like crystals or coins. You can then use them to purchase items, upgrade characters, or speed up game progress.
  • You can also get power-up items or ingredients that will help in quest completion, baking, or kingdom-building.
  • The codes will give you exclusive Skins for characters that aren’t available through regular gameplay.
  • Sometimes, codes can also unlock rare characters or pets that can assist in your kingdom or during runs.
  • The codes can also help you to give energy or stamina

Wrapping time

Friends, I hope you got some help from this page. We shared a few working Cookie Run kingdom codes. We also regularly update the old redeem codes with the new codes.

Your job is to keep in touch with our blog so that you don’t miss any new redeem codes. Bookmark our website, or save it. You should visit and try each code regularly. You also know what benefits the code can give you.

But why miss out on these free opportunities that we are offering for free on our blog? So if you are a true redeem code seeker for the Cookie Run: Kingdom game then stay in touch with the page.

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